On Hessen Tags Radio we have a variety of shows that address various issues on home improvement. Each of these shows has been programmed to educate as well as entertain the public on some simple home improvement projects to try out.


Some of the main shows that you can listen to include;

Lawn Improvement

Mondays and Thursdays @ 9:00 am EST

The front or back lawn acts as the face of the house. The lawn tells more about the owner that the interior of the house. On this show we provide the listener with various ideas that he can use to improve the overall appearance of their lawn. From the show the listener will be able to transform their lawn to look like a picture from magazines.

Interior Renovations

Fridays and Saturdays @ 14:00 am EST

In this show we address various issues that most of our visitors face. This varies from the color to choose to the furniture to buy. Apart from that, we provide the readers with some of the latest information on furniture and interior designs that they must have at home.

DIY Projects

Tuesdays and Sundays @ 9:00 am EST

The best away to save some money at home is by ensuring that you perform the renovations on your own. During this show we will be able to provide step by step guidelines on how to do certain projects. Apart from that, we go the extra mile of comparing different projects and help you choose which projects to start with and how to do them.

These are some of the shows that are available on our radio station. There are several other stations that address different issues in regards to home improvement.