Plumbing Home Inspections – A Must For All Home Buyers

One of the first things to do before purchasing a new home is to have plumbing inspections conducted. A licensed and professional plumber will give potential homeowners either the tick of approval or let the know if the services will need some maintenance in the near future, possibly altering the decision to go ahead with the property investment. This inspection is not limited to the drainage pipes and water supply, the contractor will makes sure that all appliances are sound and in good working condition.

An inspection report helps prevent any delay in moving in and any problem can be fixed before the property is sold. Any minor problem mentioned in the report can be a ground for negotiation where the buyer can have the price lessened, or give the current homeowner some room for improvement before final papers are signed.

Not only are plumbing inspections necessary when purchasing a new property, they are now seen as an essential service as part of regular home maintenance. The home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it is necessary that inspections like these are made so as to ensure you are not investing in something that will need lots of money poured into it further down the track.

Water and plumbing problems can cost homeowners thousands of dollars per year depending on how serious the issue is, water damage from burst or leaking pipes or toilets is a very common problem, thousands of dollars can easily be spent repairing the appliances and even further money spent on the restoration of the room if there was any resulting water damage. This would not be the case and you would be saving more money if plumbing inspections are made regularly.

Many companies in the Sydney area offer inspection services, we often recommend our readers check out Sydney Plumber Co as they offer fixed price inspection services, generally within 2 days of booking an appointment. While this service admittedly costs more than any maintenance plumbing service, the investment is small in comparison to the repair costs they you may be faced with further down the track.

A complete inspection generally includes checking shut off valves, renovations that may have made resulted in dodgy plumbing services, checking sump pumps to ensure they are still in working condition, testing hot water systems for shelf life, and of course a camera inspection of all underground drainage systems in order to ensure that they have not been compromised or in danger of collapsing or becoming blocked.

Some home investors are hesitant to go ahead with a plumbing inspection as they feel they are a waste of money. Too often this decision has led to massive problems down the road, resulting in thousands of lost dollars, this is such an easily avoidable outcome. Let’s face it, you work too long and hard to have to spend further money on property maintenance after settling into your next dream home.

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