joannaHessen Tags radio station is dedicated to provide the viewer with information on home improvement. From the radio station, our listeners will have all their questions answered in the right manner and by experts.

Our team is made up with individuals that have a passion in construction and home improvement. This means that the listener will be provided with accurate and well researched information that will turn out beneficial to them.

Unlike other stations in the same field, we tend to categorize our shows in terms of the region of renovation. This makes it easier for the listeners to be able to follow up on programs.

By listening to Hessen Tag radio, the listener will be able to benefit in various ways apart from being entertained. He or she will always be updated on the current renovation trends and will know which new things to use in the house.

In order to beat our competition, we provide step to step details on how to do some projects on your own. During the show the listener can call and get assistance in any areas that they get stuck. This makes DIY projects easier and faster to do. Our listeners and readers can be able to contact us by various methods from phone calls to social media.